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How to Install Custom Weapon Skins on Counter-Strike: Source – Step by Step Guide Tutorial – Steam

How to Install Custom Weapon Skins on Counter-Strike: Source – Step by Step Guide Tutorial – Steam

This should help guide you on installing custom weapon skins. I have created this video to try and help you get a better understanding of how to install custom weapon skins on the game Counter-Strike: Source. The videos I have seen online tell you to create folders, I will be showing you step by step on what to do once you have created the folders.

This is my first and only how to video.

Installing Counter-Strike: Source weapon skins step by step guide.


“Clean Soul” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



[Custom Skins that I use]

Hud: http://css.gamebanana.com/guis/28785
Hud fixed version: http://gamebanana.com/guis/31135
net_graph: http://gamebanana.com/guis/27320
Background: http://css.gamebanana.com/guis/29519
Scoreboard: https://www.mediafire.com/?wrluua7gb3tbaf1
Gloves/Sleeves: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/76605
Knife: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/119080
Hegrenade: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/118044


Glock: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/122500
USP: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/117608
Deagle: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/113995
Compact: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/130239
Fiveseven: http://gamebanana.com/skins/142932
Elites: http://gamebanana.com/skins/116933


SPAS 12: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/117444
M3: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/40847


AK47: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/135965
Aug: http://gamebanana.com/skins/148474
Krieg 552: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/106184
M4A1: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/116374

Sub Machine Guns/Machine Guns

TMP: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/82077
MP5: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/108890
P90: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/85427
M249: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/55661
Mac10: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/134665
UMP45: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/37182
Famas: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/110887


Scout: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/115131
Sig 550: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/113390
G3 SG1: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/113704
Awp: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/129368

I will also pack this together when I get chance.

[Software used]


[Computer Specifications]

Then 2014

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
CPU: Intel Core Ivy Bridge 3770 @ 3.40 GHz
RAM: 16 GB Dual Channel DDR3 @ 667 MHz Corsair 2 x 8 GB
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Z77X -UP4
Monitor: Syncmaster 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Samsung
Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 290 4.0GB Memory
HDD 1: 932 GB Seagate Barracuda
HDD 2: 932 GB Western Digital
HDD 3: 932 GB Western Digital
SSD: 250GB Samsung Evo
Power Supply: XFX 850 W
Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013
Mouse Mat: Razer Goliathus Control
Keyboard: Advent

Now 2017

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel Core I7 4790K @ 4.5GHz Devil’s Canyon Haswell
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force
RAM: 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 2133MHZ 16 GB (2×8)
Cooler: Asetek 570LX 240MM
Power Supply: EVGA SuperNova G2 1000W 80 Plus Gold
Case: NZXT H440 Midi-Tower

Monitor: Asus PG278Q ROG Swift @ 1440P 144HZ
Video Card: GTX 1080 TI GIgabyte Aorus
SSD: 250GB Samsung Evo 840
SSD2: 500GB Samsung Evo 850
SSD3: 1TB Samsung Evo 850
HDD’s: 2TB Storage

Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker Expert Gaming Keyboard
Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013
Mouse Mat: Razer Goliathus Control Controller: DualShock 4 Headset: Sennheiser GSP 300 Microphone: Blue Yeti Blackout Office Chair: Ikea Markus Swivel Chair
Desk: Ikea Malm Desk


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