The Future of Consoles: The Server-Farm Console

It may not be the console of your dreams and it won’t be the subsequent next-gen console you buy, but video-gaming consoles of the future are going to be less like today’s hulking, strong boxes. The gaming service OnLive is at the center of this revolution, and the company is breaking new ground with its streaming services.

Unlike modern consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 360, OnLive’s main hardware exists at a server farm far away from the ultimate user. After you install the firm’s app on your platform of choice , OnLive will stream a live, high-quality, low-latency feed of the game straight to you. On the user’s end, the device is simply showing this video feed, and any input by the user is sent back to the company’s poweful server farm, which processes the game instead of the user’s gadget.

Though the user may feel just like he’s playing the game on his computer, tablet or smartphone, OnLive is handling all the heavy lifting. This has numerous obvious and less-obvious benefits. All a user wants is a trusty, fast info connection for a great technology experience. The ability of the user’s hardware to handle the game itself is irrelevant. Furthermore, the company may upgrade the hardware that powers its games with troubling the user. A less-obvious benefit is that the user will never need to transfer game-progress info between devices.

Already, you should purchase an OnLive game machine. GameStop, Microsoft, Amazon and others are halfway there with online stores that feature downloadable games. That is great, but we think this Sony will get really interesting when the big players jump all the way in. Actually, Nintendo, Apple, technology and perhaps even gaming can harness this future to provide its shopper base with an amazing console experience. Perhaps its only a matter of time till someone buys OnLive to inject it with cash and even better talent.

In the console, the low cost of entry to cloud-based gamings will scale back the prices of “next-generation” consoles to bring top quality gaming to anyone with an LCD screen and a respectable net connection.

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